Trivium Robotics is located in Goodyear, Arizona. Our club is made up of three FTC Teams: 14254 Trivium Knight Lights, 16647 Trivium Undefined, and 18625 Trivium Knightmares, and three FLL Teams: 33803 Jedi Knights, 40012 Sith Empire, and 45954 Knights of the Round Table. This is the fourth year we’ve been a club, and we’ve managed to have four out of six of our teams compete at State Competitions this past season (2019-2020). As a club, we offer opportunities to learn about STEM elements such as engineering, CAD, and programming in our school community. With Trivium Prep being focused on liberal arts, our club is one of the few chances students have to partake in a technologically-focused environment before graduating, which is why we put in a massive amount of work to offer as much as we can to our members. Feel free to look around our website, and be sure to reach out to us! We want to network as much as we can!

Programming Tips
We understand that programming may seem difficult or confusing, but we have some tips to help! If your team does not have programming experience, start with …
2020 – 2021 Season: Ultimate Goal
2020-2021 Ultimate Goal This is our very first season that includes remote events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this season's robot game, robots will launch …
24 Hours of STEM
This was a 24 hour livestream on Youtube where several teams made presentations on topics for FIRST Teams. The event was organized by these FRC Teams: …
Knight Lights #14254
Trivium Undefined #16647