24 Hours of STEM

This was a 24 hour livestream on Youtube where several teams made presentations on topics for FIRST Teams. The event was organized by these FRC Teams: #503 Frog Force, #971 Spartan Robotics, #1073 The Force Team, #3132 The Thunder Down Under, #4253 Raid Zero, and #4481 The Rembrandts. There were two main livestreams, both running from Friday, June 26 at 5PM to Saturday, June 27 at 4PM. Some of these presentations included the Big Bacon Theory of Image and Marketing, Using Vision in FTC, How to Kick Off an FLL (Challenge) Season, and much more! Some of our members went to several different presentations. The presentations were very helpful and we learned a ton! We learned about several business and marketing strategies, tips for CAD, and more! This was a great experience for both of our teams. Thank you to those who hosted and spoke at the event!

You can check out their website here:


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Instagram: @24hoursofstem

Facebook: @24hoursofstem

Youtube: 24 Hours of STEM-Mass , 24 Hours of STEM-Energy (each link is for each of the two livestreams)